Sea Silk
Chiara Vigo What is it ? Sardinia

The cloth that came from the sea
It is neither a tale nor a miracle. It is simply a truth.
At least, it is a truth simple enough when one considers nature
and expects that it might provide endless wonders.
Facing the blank pages of history, our ancestors must have had such expectation.
We might say that to them nature was the fulcrum of religious feelings,
and the levee point of both sensibility and intelligence.
On the mediterranean shores,
the prime settlers faced the sea
and, at the call of its endlesness, they generated timeless cultures.
These could develop
only through cultural interactions, however distant.
One actor in this interplay is known as Bisso, or Sea Silk :
When such uncomparable sea traders
as the Cretians and Phoenicians
met with weavers-dyers from either continental Chaldea or the Nil valley,
then began the millenium old saga of this fabled Sea Silk.

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Text : Lidia Flore
Photos : Nicola Pinna - Daniel Cointe
Sea Silk Master : Chiara Vigo
Translation & Multimedia : Samuel D. Walther
Published by SardoLog
SardoLog 2004