The Sardologie 2003/4 CD-Rom is and will be entirely dedicated to Sardinia. It displays 700 original photos and original texts in English and French.
The intention is didactic rather than touristic and the data is classified in 4 chapters :
- Sites & Cities of Sardinia evokes the atmosphere of 40 towns, their history, main activities and point of interest, local folklore, and traditional festival dates;
- Sardinian pretty faces and heads is a gallery of 100 snapshot portraits;
- Flowers of Sardinia shows 98 plants representing 45 botanical families of the abundant Mediterranean flora;
- Monuments, History & Mysteries displays and comments on 41 archeological sites, either from the mysterious nuragic culture (bronze age), the Neolithic era or the medieval period. There is also a panoramic if not exhaustive essay on the History of Sardinia, from the time of the first settlements to our days.
Qualified as exceptional, aesthetic and user-friendly during the reading tests, the bilingual Sardologie CD-Rom is a must for those who love or wish to know Sardinia.

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The Sardologie 2003/4 CD-Rom will be sent to the buyer by express postal service (3 to 4 days) after payment has been endorsed.

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